Doula Services

There is extreme value in having a person at your birth that has supported many women through the same journey. Birth has a wide range of normal. Sometimes, the things you thought would be the most helpful are the worst and the things you never thought would help are life-savers. A doula has a toolbox containing years of training and experience, and these tools can help reduce mom’s pain, help her focus, and help her do the things that bring baby closer. With these tools, the intensity of birth builds an immense intimacy between partners. When birth is easier for the mother, it is easier for the partner as well.

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Birthing Tub Rental

A heated labor pool is a wonderful way to relax, reduce discomfort, conserve your precious energy, and labor more effectively. The water cradles you making it easier to assume whatever position feels most comfortable. Many of us are conditioned by long habit to relax and let go in a hot bath.

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Tub FAQ's

Set-up, breakdown, and everything in between!

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