Doula Services

Basic Bundle:  $700

Prenatal- This service can begin when convenient for the family. During this time we will engage 2-3 times in person to get to know each other, discuss a birthing plan and meet family members and/or friends who play an important role in your life; this could also include an OB appointment. You will also have unlimited phone, text and email communication with me if you should have any questions, concerns, or are in need of some additional resources.

Labor- Beginning your 37th week of pregnancy I will be committed to being on call and available for 24 hours a day awaiting the arrival of your new addition. I will be present during labor and delivery to provide suggestions for comfort measures, coaching for the birthing mother and partner, and ensure that wishes and birth plan are an active conversation. You can be assured support from the beginning of labor until you are settled and breastfeeding your new buddle of joy.

Postpartum- During your first 4 weeks of postpartum I offer 2 home visits so that we can discuss how things are going for you and your family as well as discuss labor, delivery and recovery. You will also have unlimited text and email for these first 4 weeks of postpartum.

Premium Bundle: $900

Basic Bundle with the added benefit of a Labor/Birthing tub.

Postpartum Care- $25 to $30 an hour (based on location) Minimum of 8 Hours (does not have to be same day)

Services during your 4th trimester (aka postpartum) can be customized to fit your families needs. These hours will need to be scheduled with at least 24 hours notice and could included light cleaning and organizing, infant care while you rest and/or make time for self care, tending to older children, a home cooked meal, prepping for the upcoming days or events, prepare for visitors and more….

The 6 - 8 weeks following your babies birth are just as important as growing your baby,  and it’s so important to make sure you and your family are cared for. Eating nourishing foods, keeping yourself hydrated, resting regularly, and hygiene are important activities to pay attention too. With the right support you will be able to heal and bond with your family.

Custom Care & Additional Services: 

There are options to customize all these to meet your families needs. We can discuss what you are envisioning as your families support at a free consultation.

Fill out the Consultation section at the bottom of the Home screen to schedule a free consultation  to discuss how your families needs can be met.